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New to the internet or an experienced user, this handy guide shows you how easy it is to order Parts from Bailey Parts Direct

Find an Item

There are four ways to find a specific item

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1. By product category:

Our products are sorted in to a number of categories to help find the item you require.

Main categories include Caravans, Motorhomes, Accessories, Sale & Gifts

Each of the main categories has a number of sub-categories as shown in this image.

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2. By vehicle identification number (VIN) or by range and model:

The VIN relates to the last eight characters of the vehicle’s serial number which is engraved onto all windows of the Caravan. (learn more about finding your VIN). Once the VIN is entered and the “Select VIN” button pressed, the Product Categories will then only display the Parts associated to the selected VIN. This is the preferred method of finding Parts for a Caravan.

By range and model:
If the VIN is not known (see above), a specific Model can be selected by using the drop-down boxes for Year, Range and Model. Once Year, Range and Model have been selected, the Product Categories will then only display the Parts associated to the selected Model.

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3. By product description or part number:

Product description:
The product description can be searched and the results will be ranked in order of relevance. This search can be performed in conjunction with a VIN or model selection or without a VIN or model selection which will search for the entered description against all available products. This search is also available within a category list to filter the results. 

By part number:
You may already know, or have been supplied a Bailey Part Number which can also be entered here. This will take you to the product page for that item. This search works independently from the VIN and Model selection so it is always a good idea to check the “Where Used” link for the product to ensure it is used in the required Caravan or Motorhome model.

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4. By popular category or brand:

The category search works in the same way as above, and will take you straight into one of our most popular categories.

The brand search also works in the same way, and will display items supplied by a specific brand.

Order Basket:
Once you have found your item, and added it to the basket you can select either to have your item sent via courier, or collect from our store for free.

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