Thetford Winter Fridge Vent Cover 281x533

Part Number 1045254

Brand Thetford

Weight 5kg

Part number 1045254

Pay £30.99


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Key features

  • Prevents damp and water ingress in your vehicle.
  • Can help your fridge work more efficiently in cold weather (below 8°c).
  • Can be fitted during storage or during winter usage.
  • Prevents insects from entering your vehicle through the fridge vents.

Full product details

Product description

As winter rolls round, it is time to start thinking about storage and keeping your vehicle in top condition during the colder months. One important step to consider is covering your fridge vents. If left open during storage, the vents can become an attractive entrance to insects and bugs, even if the vehicle is covered. As the vehicle sits unused, dust and dirt can start to collect on the vent grilles, which, not only starts to ruin the appearance of the vents, but also damages them; possibly causing heat from the fridge operation to escape when is use again.

Having fridge vent covers can also protect your vehicle from damp and water ingress. The covers help prevent rain and moisture from outside finding its way into your vehicle through the vents but also allows the required amount of ventilation needed, helping to prevent water build up and damp issues. It is a good idea to keep fridge vents on the vehicle when washing it, for the exact same reasons.

The fridge vent covers can also be used when a vehicle is still in use during cold weather, not just in storage. If the temperature outside drops below 8°c, absorption fridges struggle with their cooling ability and can increase the power usage on gas or electric operation. This is due to the cold air outside preventing the heat exchange in the fridge from happening as efficiently. By fitting a fridge vent cover when it is cold, it allows fumes to escape and stops the heat exchange system from cooling down too much, helping your fridge to work properly and efficiently over winter, saving you power and money.

(Note: All fridge vent covers must be removed in temperatures over 8°c.)

All features

  • Single fridge vent cover in white.
  • Fits between vent and frame.
  • Allow correct amount of ventilation.
  • Prevents damp, dust and insects from entering vehicle through vents.
  • Great for winterizing or storing vehicle.


Part Number 1045254
Brand Thetford
Weight 5kg
Availability Estimated dispatch by Friday 30th August


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