Alde AquaClear UV Water Filtration System

Colour White

Part Number 1045546

Brand Alde

Weight 3kg

Part number 1045546

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Key features

  • Caravan water filter
  • Improves taste, odour and safety with zero chemicals.
  • UVC LED kills 99% of microorganisms.
  • Activated charcoal filter improves taste.
  • Kills E-coli and Legionella bacteria.

Full product details

Product description

Get clean great tasting water in your caravan or motorhome, with the Alde AquaClear UV-C caravan water filter.

Designed to improve the taste, odour and safety of your stored water, this caravan water purifier combines an activated carbon water filter with an effective UV water purifier to clear and kill 99% of waterborne microorganisms to make the stored water safe to drink and taste great.

Designed to be the best water filter for caravans and motorhomes on the market. By combining a two-stage filter, using a UV water purifier combined with an activated carbon filter, the AquaClear UV-C caravan water filter purifies stored water with zero risk to health. This dependable water cleaning process leaves your water free from stagnation, odour and harmful bacteria.

Whatsmore, it's ideal for improving the quality and safety of water in low-pressure systems, especially when water is replenished via an external tank, where the risk of microbiological growth is higher.

The ultraviolet light and the latest UVC LED technology kills 99% of micro-organisms at water flows up to 4 litres/min, before being passed through an activated carbon water filter to further rid the water of anything nasty. 

With a lifespan of about 70 cubic meters of water (that's a use of about 20 minutes per day, the product life is about 900 days) the Alde AquaClear will give you peace of mind for almost two and a half years. When the Alde AquaClear is connected to the Alde Compact 3030, the number of hours is displayed in the control panel to help you keep track of when the carbon filter needs replacing. 

Replacement AquaClear carbon water filters are available. 

 Disinfection function:

Eliminates: E-coli bacteria*, legionella bacteria*, chlorine and smell.
Reduces: Pesticides and heavy metals.
Improves: Taste.

* 99.9% at a water flow <4.0 litres per minute.
Bioanalysis validated by accredited 3rd party laboratory.

How it works:

  1. Cold water is pumped from the fresh water tank using the freshwater pump. 
  2. The water is purified in the first stage of the Alde AquaClear UV-C unit. 
  3. The water is purified in the second stage via the Alde Water Carbon filter. 
  4.  Then the water goes on to a T-connection and from there as cold water to the kitchen and shower and to Alde Boiler. 
  5. Cold water is heated in Alde Boiler and goes from there as hot water to kitchen and shower.

All features

  • Caravan inline water filter.
  • Activated carbon water filter improves taste of stored water.
  • UV water purifier kills 99.99% of germs in caravan plumbing.
  • Eliminates E-coli and Legionella bacteria, chlorine odour and stagnant smells.
  • Chemical-free disinfection.
  • Reduces pesticides and heavy metals.
  • Lifetime of 300 hours of active use. 
  • Can connect to Alde Compact 3030 boiler circuit board.
  • Replacement carbon filter available.


Colour White
Part Number 1045546
Brand Alde
Weight 3kg
Availability Estimated dispatch by Monday 8th July


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