How to find your VIN or Production Number


A VIN is the last eight characters of the 17 character CRIS code.

Pre-2011 VINs will be preceded by "BY" and will either be eight numbers or one letter followed by seven numbers.

From 2011 onwards, VINs will be preceded by "BY" and made up of three letters followed by five numbers.

The full seventeen characters can be found on the windows (as shown above).

Alternatively, it can be found stamped onto the chassis.


The Production Number is located in the top glove box in the Peugeot cab.

Unlike caravans, this number is not etched onto the windows or chassis.

This is a 17 character code. Only the last eight characters need to be entered when searching.

The Peugeot cabs also have a VIN that is not to be confused with the Production Number. This is only to be used by Peugeot and cannot be used on this website.

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