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  • Read blog article - Caravan Weight Plate Upgrades

    Caravan Weight Plate Upgrades

    What you need to know to upgrade your Bailey caravan weight plate, safely and legally. Technical information that’s easy to understand.

  • Read blog article - How to Check Gas Levels in LPG Bottles

    How to Check Gas Levels in LPG Bottles

    Few things are more frustrating than watching the BBQ flame fizzle out mid-grill because the gas bottle is empty. For true peace of mind and least faff, the best way to monitor gas levels is to use a device specifically developed to read the gas fill level accurately. There are many indicators and gauges on the market but three stand out above the rest in terms of reliability and ease of use. All three devices are suitable with butane or propane steel tanks.

  • Read blog article - The Best Towing Covers for Bailey Caravans

    The Best Towing Covers for Bailey Caravans

    When you’re towing on the road, the front of your caravan bears the brunt. It’s inevitable that your tow car will throw up stones for your front panels and windows to catch – and you’ll soon find exhaust fume residues, dust and dead bugs messing up your paintwork...

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