TyrePal Tyre Pressure Monitors for Caravans

TyrePal Tyre Pressure Monitors for Caravans

Tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) for caravans and motorhomes are valuable safety devices that you can add easily to your outfit to improve safety and fuel efficiency. These systems check the air pressure and temperature in each tyre and alert the driver if the pressure drops or overheats, helping you stop accidents before they happen.

If you are looking for a way to improve the safety and efficiency of your caravan or motorhome, a TyrePal TPMS is a great investment. 

What is a TPMS?

A TPMS is a device which checks the air pressure and temperature of a vehicle's tyres. It typically consists of tyre-mounted sensors and a monitor that displays tyre data to the driver while driving in real time. The sensors' data is sent by radio signal to the monitor and alerts the driver (audibly and visually) if the tyres begin to read outside of the safety levels, warning you of the issue and allowing you to safely pull over to investigate.

TyrePal is a leading manufacturer of TPMS systems for caravans and motorhomes.

What can a TyrePal TPMS do for caravan and motorhome users?

TyrePal tyre monitoring systems can do a number of things for caravan and motorhome users, including:

  • Prevent accidents. Low pressure and overheated tyres can lead to accidents, especially when towing. A TPMS alerts the driver if the tyre overheats or drops below a safe level or pressure, giving them time to act and prevent an accident.
  • Improve fuel efficiency. Underinflated tyres can increase fuel consumption by up to 8%. A TPMS can help to ensure that the tyres are always properly inflated, which can save money on fuel.
  • Increase safety. Underinflated tyres increase rolling resistance, cause uneven tread, and reduce braking performance. A TPMS can prevent any of these from developing, therefore increasing the life of your tyres.

TyrePal Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems 

TyrePal is a leading manufacturer of TPMS systems for caravans and motorhomes. They offer a range of caravan tyre safety products including:

  • TC215B TPMS: The classic TPMS system. Checks the air pressure in each tyre in turn. It is easy to install and use. Capable of monitoring up to 22 tyres, over two vehicles.
  • Solar Colour Pro:  Clear colour display that is easy to read in bright sunlight and a built-in solar panel for top-up charging while sitting on your dashboard. Four monitors, pre-registered to the systems, ready for you to easily fit. Monitors up to 7 tyres, so you can even monitor your spare tyre. For use on one vehicle.
  • Additional Tyre Pressure Sensors: Extra internal tyre pressure sensors and external TCSO tyre sensors are available to extend your system or as replacements.
  • Replacement TyrePal batteries:  to keep tyre data readings accurate.


TyrePal TPMS TC2215B & 2 External tyre pressure sensors
TyrePal TPMS TC215B & 2 External Sensors

TyrePal TC215B  TPMS & 2 External Tyre Pressure Sensors

  • Easy wireless installation.
  • Clear monitor display.
  • Monitors up to 99psi/6.8 bar.
  • Scrolls through each sensor.
  • Can monitor up to 22 tyres over 2 vehicles.
  • Includes monitor, 2x sensors, batteries, monitor mount, tools, and charging lead.


TyrePal TPMS - Solar Colour Pro + 4 TCSO Sensors Tyre Pressure Monitor system
TyrePal TPMS Solar Colour Pro & 4 TCSO Tyre Pressure Sensors

Solar Colour Pro TPMS & 4x TCSO Tyre Pressure Sensors

  • Easy to fit and accurate.
  • Clear colour display.
  • Measures tyre pressure up to 99psi / 6.8 Bar.
  • Monitors the air pressure in up to 7 tyres on 1 vehicle.
  • Includes monitor, 4x sensors, 4x batteries, dust shields and lock nuts, tools, and charging lead.
  • TyrePal Smart Signal Repeater is available separately to extend the range.

Benefits of TyrePal TPMS:

  • Peace of mind: Knowing that your tyre pressure is always at the correct level can give you peace of mind, especially when driving long distances.
  • Convenience: A TPMS can save you time and hassle by automatically alerting you to any problems with your tyre pressure.
  • Cost savings: A TPMS can help you save money on fuel and tyre repairs by preventing accidents and premature tyre wear.

Where to buy TyrePal TPMS

Prime Leisure is the only online retailer that is authorized to sell TyrePal TPMS systems in the UK.

TyrePal Spares

In addition, to the complete TyrePal monitor systems, PRIMA Leisure stocks individual monitors, external tyre pressure sensors, internal sensors, TyrePal spares  and tools, monitor mounts, and sensor batteries.

If you want safety and fuel efficiency for your caravan or motorhome, a tyre pressure monitor system is the place to start.

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