How to Check Gas Levels in LPG Bottles

How to Check Gas Levels in LPG Bottles

Few things are more frustrating than watching the BBQ flame fizzle out mid-grill because the gas bottle is empty.

With hot showers, hob cooking, heating, and BBQ points all draining gas, fill levels can run down quickly and it can be hard to monitor how much is left. Manual checks can be deceiving as the steel containers are weighty while shaking the bottle can easily over-estimate the fill level.

Pouring warm water over the side of the LPG cylinder and using the temperature difference to establish where the gas line can be more accurate, but this messy method is not very practical.

For true peace of mind and least faff, the best way to monitor gas levels is to use a device specifically developed to read the gas fill level accurately. There are many indicators and gauges on the market but three stand out above the rest in terms of reliability and ease of use. All three devices are suitable with butane or propane steel tanks.

Truma are leisure vehicle heating experts and know their gas systems. The Gas Level Check is an easy-to-use β€˜pen’ with an integrated torch that anyone can use to safely and accurately establish gas fill levels.

How does it work? – Ultrasound waves are transmitted through the bottle and back to the pen. The pen needs to be placed up and down the bottle until the LED light turns green to indicate the presence of gas.

Who is it for? The conscientious caravanner who is happy to check the gas bottle manually with minimal fuss.

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Truma Gas Level Control

The Gas Level Control is the next level of accuracy and ease – with wireless functionality and remote monitoring straight to your smartphone, there is no need to manually check the bottle again until it is time to refill or replace. The Level Control can be used alone for gas level checking, or paired with the Truma iNet System for even more functionality.

How does it work? The monitor attaches magnetically to the bottom of the steel gas bottle, and constantly monitors the gas fill level with ultrasound. The results are transmitted to your smartphone by Bluetooth or SMS text message (if using with iNet). Using the Truma App, the gas level is displayed as a percentage fill level or in kilograms, and also how long the gas will last in days if using iNet.

Who is it for? For those who forget to check their bottles regularly, anyone wants to know exactly how much gas is available in the bottle, or for outfits with Truma iNet installed. The App is easy to use so anyone with a smartphone can easily read the gas level.

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GasStop Emergency Gas Shut-Off Valve

Combining gas leak protection and gas level indication in one simple device, the GasStop can be installed in-line with the bottle, needing no batteries or adjustment until the bottle needs refilling or replacing. GasStop is a 100% shut-off valve and cuts the gas supply if a pressure change is detected.

How does it work? The attaches directly to the gas-bottle and can be installed easily with a wrench. Once installed, the gauge will display the accurate fill level on the dial, as well as offering immediate shut-off protection if the gas hose is damaged or knocked in transit.

Who is it for? For the safety-conscious who want an immediate accurate gas level reading on the bottle.

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