Motorhome Must-Haves – The Best Motorhome Mirror Protectors and Protective Headlight Covers

Motorhome Must-Haves – The Best Motorhome Mirror Protectors and Protective Headlight Covers

Keep your motorhome dink-free and looking good — read our easy motorhome front-end protection tips and how, with just some wing mirror protectors and headlight covers from our motorhome protection range, you can save yourself a few quid in the long run.

Motorhome Wing Mirror Protectors

As the most exposed part of a motorhome wing mirrors tend to take the brunt of any overhanging hedge, road sign or oncoming vehicle, even those things looming in the campsite after dark.

It is almost inevitable that you'll encounter at least one of these hazards on your trip and a set of sturdy mirror covers can save you shelling out for costly replacement wing mirrors.

Motorhome wing mirror under threat of a clout from over hanging branches and road signs

The best protection for vulnerable mirrors are made from high-density, shock-absorbing foam and finished with a tough ABS-plastic outer shell that creates a cocoon of protective padding against a solid wallop.

Our mirror covers are designed for maximum protection and fit Ford or Peugeot motorhome wing mirror housing so closely they don’t rattle on potholed roads or spoil the aerodynamics.

Available in black or white UV-resistant casing to prevent the colour-fade and cracking caused by exposure to the sun, your mirrors will look great long-term.

Headlight Protectors for Motorhomes

Taking care of your motorhome headlights is vital, not just for keeping your cab in tip-top condition and your view clear; a replacement headlight is a pricey outlay but one that is easily avoided. Spare yourself the hefty cost of an innocent bump simply by fitting a set of protective headlight covers to your motorhome.

Modern motorhomes, such as the Bailey Autograph, have high-tech headlights that need protecting

Clipping securely to your lenses in seconds (no fiddly screws or glue needed) headlight covers form a virtually invisible barrier to shield your motorhome headlights from bashes, chips, and scratches to keep your night-vision and wallet as full as possible.

Available in two designs to fit either Ford Transit or European cabs (Peugeot Boxer, Fiat Ducato and Citroën Relay), the headlight protectors fit your Bailey Autograph or Adamo Motorhome so precisely they won't rattle or spoil your cab’s beautiful streamlined design. An absolute must-have accessory to prolong the life of your motorhome!

All-in-one motorhome cab protection packs

Cheaper than buying the component parts individually, cab protection packs are ideal if you are new to touring and looking to kit out your cab for your maiden voyage. Whether you've opted for a Bailey built on a Peugeot or Ford cab there's a specific pack that contains the motorhome accessories you need to keep your cab forecourt fresh!

Bailey Adamo motorhome protection pack

Shields the most vulnerable parts of Ford Transit cabs, this pack is peace of mind in a box! Contains heavy-duty rubber cab mats which are laser-scanned for a perfect, non-slip fit.

Bailey Adamo motorhome with our motorhome wing mirror covers and headlight protectors

Bailey Autograph motorhome protection pack

Created to protect motorhomes built on Peugeot Boxer, Fiat Ducato or Citroën Relay cabs (including the Bailey Autograph and most Swift and Elddis motorhomes). Includes wind deflectors to let fresh air flow through your cab while keeping road-roar and rain out.

Bailey Adamo motorhome with our motorhome wing mirror covers and headlight protectors

For all the old hands out there who don’t need the whole cab pack and just want to replace or upgrade their front end protection, check out our Motorhome protection section for some excellent, crash-tested protection products. Our specially selected accessories provide top-grade protection without cramping your style.

Protecting your Motorhome Resale Value

The appetite for motorhomes has sky-rocketed and keeps smashing records. And with many first-time buyers opting for a pre-loved van, now might be a good time to consider trading in for a new model.

With this in mind any damage, defect or dirt can cause potential buyers to think twice.

To keep your van spic and span and in showroom condition regularly buffing up the exterior with specially formulated motorhome cleaning products will keep the bodywork looking great, and using the correct toilet chemicals or replacing the cassette toilet with a Thetford Fresh Up kit will keep the plumbing in shape. While whipping around with interior cleaning products will retain that 'new car smell' to tempt potential buyers.

So why not invest in some simple motorhome protection accessories now? You won’t regret it.

For info about Bailey motorhome must-haves read our easy guide to Bailey motorhome accessories. You can also find accessories for your van by using our ‘search by model’ feature or get in contact with the PRIMA team: email or call 0117 457 6028.

Here’s to a dink-free journey and keeping those admiring gazes coming!

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