The very best Towing Covers for Bailey Caravans

The very best Towing Covers for Bailey Caravans

Front covers have never been better or simpler!

When you’re towing on the road, the front of your caravan bears the brunt. It’s inevitable that your tow car will throw up stones for your front panels and windows to catch – and you’ll soon find exhaust fume residues, dust and dead bugs messing up your paintwork.

As any caravan dealer will tell you, chips and stains will adversely affect the resale value of your van, but despite this, many owners are put off towing protection by inferior covers that are fiddly and time-consuming to fit.

Fitting a towing cover can be easy and quick if you have the right model, and we’re delighted to introduce an elegant solution: a range of Tow Pro towing covers tailor-made by our friends at Specialised Covers to fit our current and recent Bailey caravan models.

Specialised Covers and Bailey Caravans

Specialised Covers has been in business for 35 years and provides vehicle covers that satisfy the most demanding customers, from seasoned caravan tourers and doting vintage car owners to Formula One teams.

We’ve worked with the company to create our own, Bailey branded range of towing covers, which includes models tailored to fit all the current and recent Bailey caravans, including Olympus, Pegasus, Pursuit, and Unicorn. 

A special edition Tow Pro cover is available for the Unicorn IV, featuring the Unicorn emblem and a custom fit for the new shape front.The Tow Pro standard model is already a big seller in our store and is now joined by the Tow Pro Elite, which was developed with Bailey Australia to withstand the rigours of touring in the Australian Outback.

Here’s a quick overview of these tough but user friendly caravan towing covers.

Tow Pro features to look out for

The Tow Pro and Tow Pro Elite covers attach to your existing caravan awning channels - and thanks to the unique zipper and Quick Clip system, one person can fit the cover in about a minute. Simply slide into the awning channels, zip, clip and you’re done.

Patented elasticated wings provide additional grip either side and allow you to make fine adjustments, while the Quick Clips attach to your caravan’s valence to prevent any debris reaching your paintwork from below.

Clear perspex eyes align perfectly with your caravan’s front lights to ensure you’re road legal. In fact, every detail of these tailor-made covers has been given proper thought.

The products are handmade to the highest standards in the company’s Yorkshire factory and carry a one-year warranty, along with the NCC’s coveted verification mark. Both models come with a sturdy carry bag for stowing in the van when not in use.

Tow Pro tailored fit

 The Tow Pro Standard is 100% waterproof, has a non-abrasive fleece lining and is made of durable, UV protected, breathable fabric that’s well-padded and offers great protection, right up to the gutter line.

The Tow Pro fitting guide explains just how easy it is to cover your caravan safely and securely, with minimum fuss.

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Introducing the Tow Pro Elite

If you want to take your protection up the maximum, we’re delighted to introduce the Tow Pro Elite.

Made from unique 8mm thick foam body armour material with fleece lining, it was designed in partnership with Bailey Australia to withstand all that touring in the Australian Outback could throw at it.

It has the same Quick Clip, Zip and elasticated wing system, but sports some additional features, including a fold-down window panel, so you can enjoy the  locker box opening and access to your grab handles – so you leave the cover fitted on a stopover or short stay.

The Elite also has decent thermal insulation properties, which is another great advantage if you’re touring in colder climes.

Again, there are Elite models for Bailey’s current and recent caravan ranges. They’re made to measure for the roughest roads and harshest conditions.


See Tow Pro for yourself

If you’d like to see these excellent covers close up you can always drop in to our Bristol store for a free coffee and demonstration. Do please call ahead to check we have the correct model for your caravan in stock.

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