Whale Easi-Slide Exterior Sockets

Whale Easi-Slide Exterior Sockets

There are sockets all over the exterior of your caravan or motorhome. Electrical, water, BBQ, all sorts. Traditional sockets come with a flap style, hinged cover which can become damaged over time, especially if the cover gets taken by a strong wind. The covers can also look odd when sticking out over the socket, creating a bit of an eye-sore when you’re sat out in your awning. The good news is that the flap hinged cover is no longer the only option for your Whale sockets.

Whale have come up with the new Easi-Slide Sockets which look slick and stylish whilst also being practical and intelligent in their design. Manufactured in the UK and with many different varieties of socket to choose from, you’ve got plenty of ways to upgrade the sockets on your van to the latest Whale has to offer.

What makes Whale’s Easi-slide socket unique?


No more flapping in the wind – A sliding socket has no hinge and so will not be affected by any strong gusts of wind – no more flapping noises or damaged hinges.

Easy to open – The smooth sliding motion of the cover is easy and comfortable to use.

Secure closing – Simply slide the cover down and click it in place when not in use. When you have something installed in the socket, the lid will click into place securely to whatever is installed.

Sleek design – Your sockets will fit flush to the side of your caravan or motorhome when lifted, rather than sticking out. Meaning you get a uniform and aesthetically pleasing look to the outside of your van.

Weather protection – The sockets are waterproof and have been finished with a high quality, UV stabilised satin design, protecting it from sunlight damage.

Two colour options – Choose the socket that fits your van the best and pick from the two sophisticated options of white or grey.


Are the Whale Easi-Slide Sockets easy to fit?


If you already have a Whale socket installed:

The answer is: yes! These sockets should simply replace any existing Whale socket that you have installed. You will receive instructions in the bag and will just need some tools and mastic tape to secure the new socket back onto the vehicle. The sockets have a flat back for easy installation and the lid just slides on and clicks into place.

Please note that it is highly recommended that you check with your dealer if any changes may invalidate any warranties on your vehicle.

If you are installing a whole new Whale socket:

This will involve drilling a hole into your van. A mounting template is included in the package with the socket but we highly recommend seeking help from a retailer before drilling into your van or installing a new system.


What Whale Easi-Slide Sockets are there available?


Content image

Water-Inlet Socket

The Whale Water-In Socket that can supply your vehicle with fresh water. Includes sockets for exterior submersible pumps, mains water hook up or on board water pump.

Can be used with:

Content image

Water Outlet Socket

The Whale Water-Out Socket that can be used to connect a shower hose to the exterior of your van. Wash down your dog or clean your feet after a day at the beach with an easy to use shower. Use with cold freshwater only.

For use with:

Content image

Onboard Tank Fill Socket

The Whale Onboard Tank Fill Socket lets you fill your on-board water tank directly. A hose clips keeps the pump securely in place whilst filling and a lock is included in the lid design to protect the water supply and prevent airlocks in the vent pipe. Use with cold freshwater only.

This part is also available with a 12v connection included.

Can be used with:

Content image

Electric Input Socket

The Whale Mains Electric In Socket allows you to connect to 230V/16amp mains power, giving your caravan or motorhome an electric supply.

For use with

  • Any 230v electric hook up for caravans and motorhomes
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Multimedia 3 in 1 Socket

The Whale 3 in 1 Multimedia Socket allows you to set up your entertainment outside. Plug your TV into the aerial or satellite and make a cinema in your awning. You can also plug in your devices to charge using the the 12v d.c. The sliding lid can be fully closed with this socket is in use, protecting it from outside elements and rain.

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Isolator Switch Socket

The Whale Isolator Switch gives you the option to stop the power going to your appliances saving the battery life in your caravan or motorhome.

Content image

External BBQ Outlet Socket

The Whale External Gas BBQ Outlet supplies barbecues using your LPG (propane and butane) on board gas supply. Connection in simple and easy and can be done with one hand. There is also a safety coupling included to make sure that the gas can only be switched on when the coupling is connected, protecting you from any gas leaks.

Content image

Mains Electric Outlet Socket

This Whale Mains Electric Outlet Socket has a 3 pin plug socket that allows you to connect your appliances outside of the van to the electrical supply. Perfect for an outdoor cinema set-up. The sliding lid can be fully closed with this socket is in use, protecting it from outside elements and rain.

This easy access mains outlet socket includes a UK 3 pin which allows you to hook up electrical appliances to 13-amp rating such as power tools, lighting, TVs, or games consoles. Easi-Slide lid can be closed completely when in use, weatherproofing the unit against the elements.


Whale products at PRIMA Leisure

PRIMA is an approved Whale distributor and supplier of OEM equipment for Bailey caravans and motorhome, where Whale heating and water systems are fitted as standard. Our knowledgeable team are available to help with compatibility and technical queries about Whale and other parts and fittings.

Give us a call on 0344 326 4000 or email info@primaleisure.com

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