Top Rated Cadac BBQ for this BBQ Season

Top Rated Cadac BBQ for this BBQ Season

Looking for a top-rated Cadac BBQ for the BBQ season? Look no further! Here is a rundown of the best Cadac BBQs, and their types. Get ready to Celebrate the Summer!

As the warmer weather sets in, now is the perfect time to invest in a quality BBQ. Cadac manufactures some of the best BBQs on the market, so you can be sure that you're getting a great product when you invest in a Cadac barbeque. There are many different types of Cadac BBQ to choose from, including gas, electric and portable BBQs. So, whether you want a small and compact BBQ for camping or picnicking, or one that can cope with the demands of larger groups, Cadac will have the perfect solution for you.

Cadac Gas BBQ

Cadac's gas BBQs are some of their most popular options. There are many sizes of BBQ on offer, so whatever you need, be it a small party BBQ, a caravan BBQ for larger group gatherings; or lightweight camping or hiking BBQ, there is a Cadac gas BBQ perfect for you.

The Cadac Carri Chef 50 is one of the larger Cadac BBQs, able to cater for the whole family or for bigger celebrations. While the Grillo Chef 40 BBQ, with a 38cm cooking surface, strikes an excellent balance between capable and portable, making it a great choice for caravanning. 

All of Cadac's caravan and camping BBQs have been designed with a degree of portability in mind, so they can be moved from one location to another. Of course, the bigger it is, the harder to move it will be.

Most of Cadac's gas BBQs come in a number of different configurations to suit the occasion. Each configuration includes a range of specialised cooking surfaces including, paella pans. chef pans, or additional pizza stones. Plus, there's an assortment of BBQ accessories available such as leg levellers to keep your grill flat and stable, tapas pan sets for a delicious Spanish-style dishes, mini smoker boxes  to add a smoky flavour to meat and vegetables, and burger presses to create your own patties and make your BBQ experience that much bigger and better. There are even quick-release gas hoses to make gas connection easy and safe.

Cadac Electric BBQ

Electric BBQs are ideal if you're looking for something a little more consistent and with minimal fuss. Though electric isn't what people imagine when they hear the word “barbeque”, the Cadac BBQ E Braai Electric Grill  always cooks just as well as a traditional flame grill but with the added bonus of having controllable electric heating elements which are not affected by the wind, so you can cook the meal to perfection. The Cadac E Braai is perfect for whipping out in the back garden or balcony for an impulsive, no-fuzz barbie on a summer evening.

With the notable absence of the gas supply, electric BBQs also have room for a number of accessories. There are many that fit with both gas and electric BBQ, such as the barbeque utensils and cookware, so you can prepare a taster menu with a Tapas Set, or evoke the delicious flame-grilled flavour of a traditional grill with a Smoker Box.

Cadac Portable BBQ

Portable BBQs are perfect for those who love to camp, hike or picnic. They're small and lightweight, so can be easily carried with you on your travels. A portable Cadac BBQ uses either gas or charcoal as a fuel source and comes in a number of different designs. The Cadac Safari Chef Compact 30 is a lightweight, tabletop BBQ suitable for small intimate gatherings. This range of BBQs doesn't have as much in the way of dedicated accessories, but they are compatible with Cadac BBQ utensils. Some other accessories include a quick-release gas supply for on the move, as well as pans and dishes that fit with the compact BBQ design.

The best Cadac BBQ will be the one closest to your own needs. There is no one perfect BBQ, only one that is perfect for you. If you're still not decided, visit the Cadac BBQ and accessories page, and get ready to enjoy the summer gathered around a delicious meal cooked on a brand new Cadac BBQ.

Fed up with chargrilled burgers and bangers? Then check out the Cadac Cookbook and discover some delicious inspiration!

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