Cadac BBQ Gas Connections Guide

Cadac BBQ Gas Connections Guide

A Cadac gas BBBQ opens up a new world of cooking outdoors – they’re also very flexible and can be hooked up to various gas sources to suit your set up. This guide explains how to connect your Grillo Chef or Carri Chef BBQ to different gas sources, and outlines which connections are needed.

The Grillo Chef 2 and Carri Chef 2 BBQs are LP (Low Pressure). All Cadac Low Pressure barbecues will work on butane (28mb) and propane (37mb) - the jet and burner accommodate the pressure difference.

Quick Release Connections

Cadac has developed an ingenious quick-release coupling that allows quick and easy connection to gas hoses. The coupling can be purchased separately to use with your own hose, although Cadac also supply hoses with built-in quick-release connections for specific uses.

The coupling is attached to the Cadac BBQ by unscrewing the standard tailpiece supplied with the BBQ – note this is clockwise to loosen. The Quick Release male tailpiece is screwed in its place on the BBQ. The female tailpiece is inserted into the gas hose. The two pieces attach with a simple click.

Connecting to: BBQ Point

If you have an external BBQ point on your caravan or motorhome, you can hook up your BBQ directly without needing a regulator (the gas is regulated within the gas locker).

Cadac’s BBQ Point Hose Connector can be used to connect directly your BBQ point if you have a Gemini fitting on your BBQ point (not Bullfinch). Both ends of the hose are quick-release so the BBQ can be hooked up in seconds without clips or spanners to unscrew connections.

The hose comes with a Male tailpiece that screws into the bottom of the BBQ to accept the hose.

The hose is 1.5m long which is the recommended length for safe gas connection.

Advantages Limitations Additional connections required
  • No additional regulator needed.
  • Quick release connection on both ends of the hose.
  • No additional gas bottles required.
  • Limited to 1.5m from the BBQ Point.

Connecting to: Refillable gas bottles

Cadac LP (Low Pressure) barbecues will work on butane gas (28mb) and propane gas (37mb) - the jet and burner accommodate the pressure difference. You will need a regulator which is matched to the cylinder.

A gas hose can be clamped directly to the standard tailpiece, but a Quick Release Tailpeice can be fitted to the BBQ and inserted into a 8mm gas hose to enable fast connection.

Advantages Limitations Additional connections required
  • BBQ setup can be moved to any location.
  • Hose length can be adapted to meet needs.
  • Additional gas bottles can be heavy and take up space.
  • A regulator needs to be fitted to gas bottle.

Connecting to: Threaded disposable cartridges

It is also possible to use disposable threaded gas cartridges to power your Low Pressure Cadac BBQ, using Cadac’s Threaded Cartridge Regulator Quick Release.

The tailpiece fits EN417 ¼ inch BSP left hand threaded gas cartridges.

Advantages Limitations Additional connections required
  • Smaller gas cartridges take up less space and weight.
  • Gas cartridges need to be changed frequently.
  • May not provide as much power as a Low Pressure Refillable gas bottle.

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