Winter Fridge Vent Covers

Winter Fridge Vent Covers

Getting Ready for The Cold Weather!

It’s winter time and the colder days are drawing in. You may be thinking of packing up the caravan for storage or maybe braving the frosty weather and getting in a winter holiday; either way, you will want to get yourself a fridge vent cover.

The fridge vent cover  might be one of the most overlooked winterizing tools for caravan and motorhomers but is also one of the most useful. It helps to keep your fridge working properly and efficiently in temperatures below 8°c and will help to keep your caravan free of bugs and frost over the storage season.

So how does it work? We have broken it down for you into two different uses to give you an idea of how it will improve your winter experience.

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How They Work – When Your Van is Stored

If left open during storage, the vents can become an attractive entrance to insects and bugs, even if the vehicle is covered with a cover. As the vehicle sits unused, dust and dirt can start to collect on the vent grilles, which, not only starts to ruin the appearance of the vents, but also damages them; possibly causing heat from the fridge operation to escape when in use again.

Having  fridge vent covers can also protect your vehicle from damp and water ingress. The covers help prevent rain and moisture from outside finding its way into your vehicle through the vents but also allows the required amount of ventilation needed, helping to prevent water build up and damp issues. It is a good idea to keep fridge vents on the vehicle when washing it, for the exact same reasons.

You will notice that the covers will leave a small gap somewhere on the vent, this is supposed to happen. If there was no room for the air to move through the vents then the fridge could become damaged. Don’t worry though, the space is only small!

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How They Work – When Your Van is Used During the Winter

The  fridge vent covers can also be used when a vehicle is still in use during cold weather, not just in storage. If the temperature outside drops below 8°c, absorption fridges struggle with their cooling ability and can increase the power usage on gas or electric operation. This is due to the cold air outside preventing the heat exchange in the fridge from happening as efficiently.

By fitting a  fridge vent cover  when it is cold, it allows fumes to escape and stops the heat exchange system from cooling down too much, helping your fridge to work properly and efficiently over winter, saving you power and money. However, once the outside temperature increases to above 8°c again, make sure to take off your vent!

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How to get the right cover for you

The type of cover you need will depend on what vents have been fitted on your van. Both Dometic and Thetford make vents for their fridges and there are covers available for both manufacturers. Below are the vents we do covers for. Click on the vent that you have to see the correct cover:

Dometic Winter Fridge Vent Covers

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1. Covers for WA120/130  Vents - 

Comes in a pair, a smaller one for the top vent and a larger one for the bottom.




2. Cover for  LS230 Vents -

Singular cover that fits internally inside the vent itself.




3. Cover for LS330 Vents - 

Singular cover that fits externally. Does not come as a pair.




4. Cover for L300 Vents - 

Singular cover that fits externally. Does not come as a pair.

Thetford Fridge Vent Covers

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1. Cover for 257 x 432 Vents

Singular cover that fits internally inside the vent itself.




2. Cover for  186 x 483  Vents 

Singular  cover that fits externally.

Still Struggling to Find The Right Cover?

If you have a Bailey vehicle, use our handy ‘Search by Model’ tool at the top right hand of this page, type in your vehicle details, search for fridge vent covers, and the right one should come up.

If you don’t have a Bailey though, don’t worry, just try and find out your vent model first by looking in your owner manual or contact your dealer or manufacturer. (If you do not have a Dometic or Thetford fridge then it is definitely worth double-checking with your dealer before purchasing.)

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Winter Caravanning

Now you've got your fridge vent covered ready for the chilly weather, read our Winter Caravanning blog and discover some simple accessories to make your winter caravan trip relaxing, just as it should be.

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